Land of CC Bernstein: Princess Pinecone Author on Pregnancy and her Connecticut Mini Dream Farm

Land of CC Bernstein: Princess Pinecone Author on Pregnancy and her Connecticut Mini Dream Farm

We sat down with CC Bernstein, the author behind Princess Pinecone and the Wee Royals (sold out on our site - twice!) to chat all things pregnancy. She's expecting her first, a little girl, in early June - and we couldn't resist picking her brain on her inspiration behind Princess Pinecone, her Connecticut mini farm (yes, you'll want to follow along, too) and her pregnancy necessities. 


What inspired you to write Princess Pinecone and the Wee Royals?

A story my mom used to tell me before bed. Her version didn't have a lot of plot– it was mostly about the Princess's spider-silk dress collection– but still, it made me feel loved because it was our special story. 


How long did it take to write and what did the process look like? 

I had been thinking about it for years so the actual writing didn't take long. The illustrations, however, took 3 years to complete. Irem Yazici of @_.baobap._ spent more than 40 hours stitching each one!


Name three books you're most excited to read to your little one. 

I can't wait until she's ready for middle grade because I plan to read all the Narnia books aloud to her, just like my dad did with me. 


Any words of wisdom for those who want to write a book? Where and how to begin?

Get it down on the page, then send it out to friends and family. I sent a rough draft of PP out to people I trust and respect and their suggestions made it so much stronger. I'm working on a novel right now. There are far fewer in my circle who will read 300 pages vs. 3 but I won't be shy asking. 


Where is home? And what makes a house a home? 

The people in it turn a house into a home but nicknacks and pictures make it homey. My husband and I have moved pretty much every year for the past 10 years. Now we've finally put down roots. Literally. We're building our dream mini farm in CT, complete with a veg garden and bees. Chickens and goats will come next. Alpacas TBD.


Have you decorated the nursery yet? What's the plan and style? Share any details you can! 

It's almost finished! It's definitely the most finished room in the house. Surprisingly I've gone with a lot of white and pink. My favorite part of it so far is the wall of Beatrice Potter panels. They're hung over a hope chest filled with my old baby clothes. 



We are loving the stitching aspect of the book - such a special touch! How did you come up with that?

I found Irem when I was in a deep Instagram hole. Her sense of whimsy is pure magic and I knew instantly that she was the right person to bring Princess Pinecone to life. 


First baby - how far along are you, is it a boy or girl, and how are you feeling!? 

37 weeks! She's due June 9th but I have a feeling she's going to hang out in there for a bit. 


Name a few items you couldn't get through pregnancy without. 

My pregnancy pillow, Tums, and Hill House Home nap dresses



What's the best and worst part of being pregnant? Any big surprises? 

The worst part: the early months, when I was couch ridden. The best part: eating dates with abandon. I love dates. They're supposed to shorten the pushing part of labor so I've been eating 5 or 6 a day. 


Best piece of advice you’ve gotten so far?

My mom told me to move and get settled before the 3rd trimester. We didn't follow her advice but I wish we had. I want to lift things!


What is a memory or tradition from your childhood that you can't wait to recreate with your little one?

Story time before bed. I'm excited for new traditions too, like collecting fresh eggs. 


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