In Her Diaper Bag: Rebecca de Ravenel

In Her Diaper Bag: Rebecca de Ravenel

We recently caught up with one of our favorite mamas, Rebecca de Ravenel. If you aren't familiar with Rebecca, we will bet you are familiar with her beautiful jewelry collection. From her iconic 'Les Bonbons' earrings that have adorned every 'it girl' over the years to her straw pieces that instantly transport you to the islands (if only in spirit), her jewelry collection captures the hearts of every one who discovers it. What's capturing Rebecca's heart lately? Her adorable son Charlie! We took a peek inside Rebecca's diaper bag to discover her and Charlie's favorite go-tos, roundup below. 


1) Alma Babycare - Gel Hand Sanitizer 

"I love using Alma Babycare hand-sanitizer, it’s gentle and natural and it works for me just as well. I’m a little uneasy about constantly touching Charlie with other very strong products so try to limit those when we are at home."

2) Babybulles - Facial Cleansing Water

"I love this product because it’s 100% natural, free of alcohol, essential oils, synthetic preservatives and palm oil." 


3) Minois - Dry Body Oil

"It's simply delicious! This is another product that I use as well, it makes me feel safe to be to sharing some of the same products as I’m using on Charlie." 

4) Bonpoint hairbrush & candle

"When I was small and lived in Paris, I would walk past the Bonpoint shop on my way home from school. The smell of the candle reminds me of that. The Bonpoint hairbrush is the softest and most perfect size."

5) Colonia Suave Infantil Baby Picu

"This is my favorite smell in the world and can be bought in the pharmacy."


6) Clean Bean and Cloud 9 by Paloroma 


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