Land of Morgan Curtis: The Designer and Mama on her Sleepwear Brand and the Joys of Motherhood

Land of Morgan Curtis: The Designer and Mama on her Sleepwear Brand and the Joys of Motherhood

From silky lingerie to luxurious nightwear, no woman's wardrobe is complete without a piece or two (or six!) from the wonderful brand. As major fans, we were absolutely delighted when ML launched children's last year, with chic, timeless styles for little ones, all constructed from lovely organic cotton. To celebrate the launch of the collection on our site, we sat down with Morgan Curtis, the founder and designer of Morgan Lane and her new venture, Cozyland. Currently pregnant with her second, we got the scoop from Morgan on pregnancy, her must-haves for baby, and how life has changed since she became a mother. Read on to learn more and personalize your favorite ML pajama style for your favorite littles in time for the holiday season ahead! 

Tell us about your brand, Morgan Lane.


Morgan Lane is a luxury lifestyle brand, specializing in silky sleepwear that can be worn from day to night! Each collection tells a story with a new theme and personally illustrated print that my customers can collect. 


What inspired you to start Morgan Lane and then branch out to CozyLand By Morgan Lane?


I wanted to create clothing that was comfortable enough to sleep in, but presentable enough to wear out. After I had my baby Lottie, I wanted to extend the sleepwear into an eco-friendly brand to snuggle in, and that's how Cozyland was born. It is cloud-soft clothing you can live and dream in using 100% organic pima cotton in "Mommy and Me" sizing. 



So much goes into developing a product that feels authentic to you and your brand. How did you initially develop the concept for Morgan Lane's Pure Cotton Collection?


I was chasing after the perfect organic cotton shirting and found this crisp soft quality that I fell in love with in India. I wanted to hit a price point that was more accessible especially for new moms and bridal, where maybe they were buying into multiple pajamas. Pure Cotton is an extension of Morgan Lane made of 100% organic cotton.



Morgan Lane is a female founded company. How did you differentiate yourself in the early stages of your brand and what do you think helped you achieve this level of success?


I really started with the brand itself. I had experience with painting and illustration and created my own branding story for people to quickly be able to identify with. I later competed for the CFDA Vogue Fashion Fund as the first ever finalist in the sleepwear category to make Morgan Lane known in the fashion world as well as the sleepwear industry. I have always had an all-female team. We are women designing for women. 


Tell us more about your adorable daughter, Lottie! 


My daughter is about to turn 2 years old and I can't believe how quickly it goes by. Everyday she inspires me and makes me the happiest mom in the entire world. She has such a big personality, loves singing songs, playing pretend, and especially loves to cuddle. When I create new styles and prints I always have her in mind, as she is my true purpose in life. 



What was and is pregnancy like for you? Is it different the second time around?


My first pregnancy with Lottie was actually a dream. I don't feel bad saying that now, because I'm currently 7 months pregnant with my second baby and it is definitely not as dreamy! I barely felt a thing the first time, I was working right up to my delivery date and soon after. Drinking lots of smoothies, traveling in Italy, painting murals on her walls. This time around, I am not so mobile and the smoothies have been replaced with cappuccinos and chocolate. 

This one is a boy, so I am feeling very different about the whole thing. I am such a girly girl and have 2 sisters, there aren't really any boys in my family actually, so I have no idea what to expect. I am so happy Lottie will have a little friend soon more than anything. This pregnancy is definitely different, I was extremely nauseous the first trimester, and this last trimester he feels incredibly heavy, but all in all I have been really lucky and I am so grateful to be pregnant again. 


How has your day-to-day changed since becoming a mother?


My routine has definitely changed. I used to spend very late nights at the office sometimes till 1 AM even. Now, almost no matter what I am home by 5 or earlier and I try to walk with Lottie to classes in the morning or surprise her at the park in the middle of the day. I wake up earlier, usually with her in my bed which I'm trying to change but its so hard to give up because I love it so much. She comes with me everywhere I go on the weekends and I simply just can't get enough. 



What are your favorite weekend activities with Lottie?


Usually we are in East Hampton on the weekends. We love going to the beach, she's obsessed with throwing rocks into the water. We go for ice cream at Moo Moos, she calls it "ice sheem." We read books outside on the deck, she loves reading to me. But our favorite weekend activity is snuggling up and watching Frozen, 100 times in a row.  


What are your must-haves during pregnancy? 


During the first pregnancy all I wanted was smoothies, fruit, and sorbet. I love taking bubble baths with my belly sticking above the water, its my time to talk to the baby. With the second pregnancy I have been strangely craving hummus, dark chocolate and salty things. And now Lottie is in the tub with me so usually my belly gets covered in toys, but she talks to the baby with me in there. Other than that I have never really had a special item I had to have. I do love my new Dylan Nightshirt by Cozyland which I basically sleep in every night and my silky Morgan Lane Nellie Panties



What is your best piece of advice for new mothers?


To leave any bad energy behind you, especially when coming home for the day, because babies can sense these things and it's important to create a comforting environment for them. It also helps mentally separate your life. 



You have an afternoon to yourself. How are you spending it?


Oh gosh! haha that is hard to imagine. Probably getting a mani/pedi and taking a nap!


Motherhood is... the most magical treasure of all



Bottles: Philips Avent Natural Baby Bottles

Diapers: Pampers Pure

Car seat: Clek Foonf 

Stroller: Cybex Priam

Bath products for littles: Earth Mama Calming Lavendar Soap, Liewood bath toys

Playlist: "Lottie's List" that we started making before she was born. My favorite song to sing to her is "Sea of Love" by Cat Power

Book for bedtime: "Tiny T.Rex and the Impossible Hug" by Jonathan Stutzman


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